TV Bulletin Boards

About  the C-NET Bulletin Boards

The CETV, Channel 98, and CGTV, Channel 7, Bulletin Boards run on an internet-based system called InfoChannel. When C-NET is not cable casting programs, community announcements and information appear on the channels. Bulletin Board messages may be submitted by any of the following:

  • A C-NET member organization wishing to post a message on C-NET's Channel 7 or 98 Bulletin Board should simply email the following information to
  • title of the message (no more than 25 characters and spaces)
  • text of the message
  • the exact dates that you would like the message to air (one message typically airs for five days)
  • A governmental or educational institution, located in Centre County, which is not a member of C-NET, but which is eligible for membership

Click here for more information

  • A non-profit organization, located in Centre County, which is a member of the Centre County Council for Human Services. Each Bulletin Board message will be invoiced at $17.00

Click here for the CCCHS Non-Profit Organization Bulletin Board Message Submission Form

  • A Centre County Volunteer Fire Company or Volunteer EMS organization. Each Bulletin Board message will be invoiced at $17.00

Clickhere for the Volunteer Fire Company/EMS Organization BulletinBoard Message Submission Form

For more information, please contact C-NET at (814) 238-5031 or by email at