Q: When is _________ going to be on?

A: Our programming schedule can be accessed in the following places:

** The program grid of the Centre Daily Times

** The Digital Channel Guide on the Comcast Cable System

** The Centreconnect.org Website (CETV and CGTV schedules)

** The Channel 7 and Channel 98 Bulletin Boards

If you have questions about a program that you haven't yet seen listed on our schedule, contact us and we will try to give you more information. Generally, weekly meetings are cablecast during the same week they are held. Other meetings may be on a little later. Although we try to get programs on the air as quickly as possible, it takes longer to do post-production on concerts, lectures, etc.

Q: How many times does a program air?

A: All programs air five times during a 7 day period.

Q: Why doesn't C-NET show ______________?

A: Most programs that C-NET airs are sponsored by one of our member organizations. As members, they ask us to cover certain meetings or events. If there is something you would like to see on C-NET, contact the appropriate member agency. If you are unsure of who to call, get in touch with us and we will try to steer you in the right direction.

Q:  Can I obtain a copy of a program? 

A:  Programs produced by C-NET are available to the public, in both DVD and VHS formats, for a donation of $20 per DVD or tape.  A DVD is able to hold up to four-hours of programming while a VHS tape is able to hold up to two-hours. Therefore, if you wanted to obtain a copy of graduation ceremony that lasted three-hours, the requested donation would be $20 for a DVD copy and $40 for a VHS copy. If you would like the copy mailed to you, we request an additional $2 donation (flat rate regardless of the number of copies).  If you live out of state, an additional donation may be requested to cover the cost of mailing.  We request that the donation be received before making the copy.  Cash or checks, made payable to C-NET, can be mailed to or dropped off at our office at 243 South Allen Street, Suite 336, State College, Pa, 16801.   

We retain copies of meetings we cover on a regular basis for a limited time.  Most events and special programs are available indefinitely.  Our archive library can be viewed here.

Q: I'm watching a meeting and the speaker is not on the screen. Why does it take so long for the camera to get on the person who's talking?

A: Because we cover most programs with a single camera, it is not possible to quickly "cut" to another speaker as it is on other television programs. We try to pan the camera smoothly and steadily in order to avoid the jarring effect you would get if we rushed the camera movement. Our camera operators, many of whom are volunteers, do their best to anticipate the action. This can be difficult because at many meetings there are multiple speakers and spontaneous discussions.


Q: How can I become a volunteer?  What do I need to do to apply?

A: We accept volunteers for production. Stop by our office and fill out an application or use the printable application form found on the Volunteer Page. Applicants are asked for some basic information, such as when you are available and how we can get in touch with you. No experience is needed--we will provide training.

Bulletin Board

Q: How can I get an announcement placed on C-NET's bulletin board?

A: The Channel 7 and Channel 98 Bulletin Boards provide community information for residents of Centre County. Bulletin Board messages may be submitted by any of the following

  • A C-NET Member Organization

  • An organization, such as a local governmental or education institution, which is eligible for C-NET membership

  • A local non-profit organization which is a member of the Centre County Council for Human Services

  • A Centre County Volunteer Fire Company or EMS Organization

For more information about C-NET's Bulletin Board click here.

Q: I'm watching the bulletin board. Where does the music in the background come from?

A: The audio that accompanies the CGTV and CETV bulletin board does not originate at C-NET. It is provided by WPSU 91.5 FM. The public radio station based in University Park provides music and local programming as well as shows from National Public Radio. Questions or comments about that programming should be directed to WPSU.

About C-NET

Q: Is C-NET a "public access" channel?  What does that mean?

A: C-NET is not a public access channel--it is a government and education access channel. Our programming is sponsored by our member organizations. A public access channel allows any individual or group an opportunity to produce their own show. Our programs are approved and sponsored by our members. We do offer the chance for individuals interested in video production to get involved as volunteers.

Q: What is CentreConnect?

A: CentreConnect is a website providing links to sources of information and resources for Centre County institutions, governments, and organizations, including C-NET.