"My Two Cents"

Video Editorial Policy

"My Two Cents" Video Policy

In Centre County, there are always a wealth of governmental and educational issues being debated.  While many residents have strong opinions regarding one issue or another, it is rare that they get the opportunity to express their views to the entire community in hopes of influencing the debate.

It is with this in mind that C-NET, Centre County’s Government and Education Access  Network, would like to invite you to participate in “My Two Cents,” a video “letter to the editor” that gives Centre County residents three minutes of air time to express their views on local governmental and educational issues.

“My Two Cents” video segments will air on either CETV or CGTV, depending on the topic being addressed, in four pre-determined time slots. Taping will be scheduled once the topic and script are approved by the C-NET Executive Director, and will be based on staff, equipment, and facility availability.

This forum is available only to Centre County residents and, from time to time, State and Federal officials not currently engaged in political campaigns may be able to address a particular issue.

1.  First discuss your topic idea with the C-NET Executive Director, to insure that it falls within the parameters set by C-NET. No commercial or political endorsements will be accepted. Topics are limited to LOCAL Government and Education Issues.

2.  Keep it short and simple. The video length is limited to three minutes. Time yourself prior to the taping, so you do not need to edit the script that day. C-NET staff will not edit your script or delete portions of the video.

3.  Don't overuse the forum. A citizen will be limited to giving his/her "Two Cents" once every thirty days.

4.  Don't get personal. This forum is for the exchange of opinions and ideas on local issues, not for making personal attacks. Be aware of possible libel and slander problems with your script.

5.  While C-NET will not undertake any independent investigation into the validity or legality of the opinions or factual statements made in your video, C-NET reserves the right to decline the airing of any of the following: videos which are believed to contain libelous, slanderous, vulgar or obscene information; any videos which stray from the topic previously approved by C-NET; any videos which are believed to contain invalid or untruthful statements.

6.  Please be patient. C-NET does not guarantee a particular turnaround time for videos, due to several variables: the amount of air-time available; the number of videos completed; and special topics that require grouping of videos (C-NET is sensitive to controversial issues, and will attempt to provide equal exposure when possible). However, every effort will be made to air videos in a timely manner.

7.  Make sure that C-NET has the correct spelling of your name as you want it to appear. Each person on video will be identified by a graphic with their name and municipality.

8.  The standard video will be a "talking head" format. Participants may be standing or seated at a table, whichever they prefer. If you would like to have additional visuals included, those must be given to C-NET prior to taping. For example, if you are speaking of traffic and want to have video you shot of traffic laid overtop, you must hand in that tape prior to taping, with notation of exactly where you want it laid in. All such videos must meet certain technical standards. (We may need to retain them for several weeks for editing purposes.) C-NET will not shoot additional footage for you.

9.  Be ready to be on camera. Any hair, make-up, and clothing choices are  yours. However, try to stay away from solid white or red tops. White will be too bright for video, and red tends to bleed. Greens, blues, and earth tones tend to show up best on camera.

10. Each video will be followed by: 
"The preceding statement is the opinion or belief of the individual speaker, and does not represent the opinion or belief of C-NET or its respective members. C-NET makes no representation as to the validity or truthfulness of any statement, opinion or allegation made. The statements, opinions and/or allegations made have not been investigated in any manner by C-NET or its membership."

11. Each video will also be followed by:
"For information on how to present your own opinions on C-NET, please contact us at 238-5031."